Adastra Z44R, zónový mixážní pult s DSP

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Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
Mic/line channel inputs: Ch 1 front combo and rear jack, Ch 2 combo (rear)
Mic/line channel controls: Level, Lo-cut, Gain, FX and Lo/Mid/Hi EQ faders
Line 3 + 4 stereo inputs: Input A (L+R) 6.3mm jack / Input B (L+R) RCA
Line 3 + 4 stereo controls: Level, In A/B and Lo/Hi EQ faders
Output connections: Outputs 1-3 (L+R) RCA, Output 4 (L+R) 6.3mm jack
Output controls: Level, Line 3 on/off, Line 4 on/off
FX connections (6.3mm jack): Footswitch, Send (defeats onboard reverb), L+R Return
FX controls: Reverb time, Depth (onboard or external level)
Indicators (LED): Power, 48V, Mic/line signal+peak, Line peak, Output peak
Fire alarm contacts: Modular terminal, make-to-mute all except Mic 1
Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 220mm
Weight: 2.75kg Více

Výrobce: AdastraKód produktu: SA953020 Doprava a platba

1U live/zoning rack mixer with 2 mic/line inputs and 2 stereo line inputs feeding 4 stereo outputs. Mic channels feed to all outputs, whereas the stereo channels are switchable to any required zone. Applications vary from additional vocal mixing for DJ set-ups to multi-room zoning for venues and many other scenarios.